Dec 13, 2010

International Kite Festival 2010 - Mangalore

Someone said it so right, "When you gaze the sky so often, your horizons broaden, You are after all sending to the clouds that part of your soul, which has its colours intact and has not forgotten to soar..."

Wanted to share one of my biggest passions with you all; Kite Flying. Here are a few pics from the International Kite Festival 2010 which was organized in Mangalore at Panambur Beach. Every year lakhs of visitors from in and around Mangalore gather here to wittness this rare event. I have been very fortunate to be a small part of the Team-Mangalore Kite Club which are also the Organizers of this festival and the only Kite Club in Mangalore.

Logo of the International Kite Festival 2010. Sponsors this time were ONGC & MRPL. Venue has invariably been Panmbur Beach, Mangalore

Teams from various countries around the world come here to participate in this 2 day festival. And came along, some of the most wonderful and stunning collection of kites ranging from Inflatable Kites, Fighter Kites, Stunt Kites, Power Kites and Kite Trains.

Ever seen a Penguin fly so high....

Giant Penguin Inflatable Kite. This was one of the biggest attractions of the festival 2010. Brought by the AWITA Kite club (All Ways In The Air) a very popular Kite Club from France. It was absolutely stunning to see the Giant Penguin flap its wings with the flow of air.

This Kite only reminds me of one man -Mr Beans. Giant Teady Kite from France by AWITA Club.

This Kite gave all other kites in sky a run for their money. It was a major attraction among kids. It was usual to see groups of kids around the fence appreciating this amazing kite.

Humpty Dumpty didnt just sit on a little wall this time but choose to fly much higher than any one else.

Fishes also fly in this world....Giant Fish Kite by AWITA Club, France.

Even I got a chance to participate in the festival, which brings together people from all walks of the life. My little contribution - the Bird Kite and the Wolrd War 2 inspired Aircraft Kite, few from my little but proud collection.

It is unbelievable to see anything and everything fly. These Kites are called Box Kites and they can fly only in winds higher than 5 knots.

007 is here......Giant Octopussy Kite.....

We had to literally search for a piece of open sky to raise our kites. It was the most colourful sky I ever saw.

Heat was unbearable with the sun blazing right over your head but where do you have time to even give it a thought.

The Knight is back.......Bat-Man Kite

Dove Collection by World known Kite Designer and the biggest Kite enthusiast Mr. Carl Longbottom and his wife from United Kingdom. Google the name for some mindblowing deatils.

These doves stay connected to each other and keep flapping their wings so hard that the sound can be heard from a distance and misunderstood for a real bird flock.

My dream is to fly, over the rainbow so high...

These Kites are called Giant Turbines. They need tremendous amount of wind to stay in air and keep rotating as the wind flows thruough.

Giant Fish Kite

Pengiun Kite, starts getting some rigging problems now.

Kite had to be brought down for adjustments and rigging.

A Band from Kerala, playing Indian Classical music to keep the fliers spirits high.

First Kite being raised in sky by Team Mangalore Kite Club marking the commencement of the International kite Festival 2010

Cant even explain it in words the happiness I felt deep down in my heart to have a snap clicked with this legend of Aerial Kite Photography. Mr. Nicolas Chorier a french Photographer who makes fascinating Aerial Photos with a special camera hanging down from his custom designed Kites which broadcasts its picture down to a screen with him. Click on this link of his personal website which displays few of his works and I'm sure it will leave you spellbound

Kite indigenously being created and designed by Team Mangalore kite club which also holds a Limca Book of world record for the Largest Kite in India. This kite is called Bhoota Kala, and depicts the local ritual of spirit worship among the people of coastal Karnataka. Kite is around 12 Ft high and 8 Ft wide with spars made of bamboo.

Material which is being used to design such kites is called Rip-Stop. Being very expensive and rare in demand, this material is not available in our country and is often imported at much higher rates.

Have plenty more photographs on Kites to share with you all but will bring them on under some other title. Hope you found it interesting to get back in childhood.


  1. Nice pics... so which kite did you fly

  2. really nice festival...far better then Sankranti in mandsaur (shahar kila road). Do not know why manglore is famous for kite festival inspite of kite flying more famous in gujrat and rajasthan ?

  3. amazing pics with nice photography....happy new year

  4. Congratulation from Paavan - Royal Kite Flyers Club - really great designs and blog

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