Sep 21, 2011

Janmashtmi Celebration, Aug 2011

I have been inactive for quite some time. Have lots to post on my blog, but somehow was not able to find time to share it all. Thought what else would be a better occasion to start it again. Here are some pics of the Janmasthmi Celebrations 2011 at my house in Mangalore. Shri Krishna Janmashtmi, also known as Gokulashtmi in South India is one festival which has been celebrated with great joy & grandeur at our home since time immemorial. Celebrating this festival has been a kind of tradition which has been passed on to the generations in our family. Feels proud to say that I'm a part of this and inherit this tradition in my blood.

According to the Hindu Calender, Shri Krishna Janmasthmi or the Birthday of our beloved Lord Krishna is celebrated at the Ashtami tithi or the eight day of Krishna paksh of the month called Bhadrapada. Festivities of the day begin early in the morning and go on till the Birth of the Lord in midnight, when devotees break their fast to celebrate the joy of His arrival. Although I've been away from home since past 10 years, but the sheer enthusiasm and the joy of celebrating this festival has grown bigger by every passing year. Just wanted to share a few memories of this years Janmashtmi Celebration at our home in Mangalore.

हे नन्द के आनंद भयो,
जय कन्हैया लाल की,
हाथी, घोड़ा, पालकी, जय कन्हैया लाल की


This is the entrance to our home. Buddha as a mark of peace and Lord Ganesha bringing auspiciousness to the house. In the center is an old photograph of my Mom taken on her wedding day. And in front of the frame is a Singing bowl or a Buddhist bell which according to the Buddhist beliefs brings positive energy to the house

Lord Buddha decorated with a candle and frangipani flowers inviting peace

Urli, a part of South Indian tradition is a brass urn which is placed at the entrance of homes and decorated with flowers and floating candles. In the center of the Urli is Tara, the Buddhist goddess who represents the virtues of success and achievements

Lord Ganesha siting in the midst of a Jharokha at the entrance wall to our house

The altar of the Lord guarded by His Dwaarpaals, was decorated with flowers, candles and lamps, with fruits and sweets as an offering

Best of the flowers were choosen to grace His altar

On the left of the Lord Radha Krishna is Lord Narasimha Dev, the savior of devotees and on the right is Lord Krishna's image of the famous Ududpi math founded & established by Madhavacharya himself

and near the Lotus feet of Lord Radha Krishna are famous poets and beloved devotees of the Lord singing and playing music for His pleasure

Radha & Krishna were decorated by new Mukut's (crowns) and assorted jewellery for the occasion. Silver jewellery courtesy dad

Garlands adorned by Radha & Krishna were designed by us by plucking one one leaf from various flowers and then folding them and taking them thru a thread to form a beautiful garland for the occasion

A closer look of Krishna wearing a garland made out of roses and tulasi leafs

Gems studded in the crown of Radha ji are a perfect match to the beauty of Her face

Smiling face of the Lord reminds us that once you come to Him, all your worries will be taken care of

Obsevere this photograph closely to see the eye shadow details of Radha rani

A closer look of Radha ji wearing a garland made of Tulasi, Red roses, Jasmine and Yellow rose

Lord Narasimha Dev, the savior of devotees sitting on His simhaasan

A closer look of the eight armed Lord Narasihma, the killer of daemons

Special Lotus lamp aarti being offered to the Lord at His birth

Peacock lamps lighted near Radha & Krishna to grace Their altar

May our hearts and minds find rest always and forever in Their eternal service



  1. Pics of Peacock lamp & lotus lamp are really awesome....!!
    A true level of photography

  2. Its very nicely decorated.specially the lamps and lord krishna idol.gr8 work.....

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