Aug 16, 2012

Janmashtami 2012 - Mangalore

नन्द के आनंद भयो,
जय कन्हैया लाल की,
हाथी घोडा पालकी,
जय कन्हैया लाल की.....

जन्माष्टमी की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं
आपका अगला साल मंगलमय हो...

Aug 15, 2012

Journey of an Independent India to a Republic India

This is our 66th Independence Day. Prepared a small exhibit which will take you on a Journey thru time. Time which our country will remember forever. Journey from 1947 to 1950, Independent India to a Republic India. Displayed this exhibit at this Independence day ceremony at our office. 

Exhibit has been prepared especially for the occasion and will be quite an interesting experience if you will spare some time to read thru. Have attached many examples to help you relate better to the time.

Hope you will enjoy it. 

Here is a small stats of our country which will blow you off...

31 States
1681 Languages
6400 Castes
6 Religions
6 Ethnic Groups
29 Major Festivals
and 1 Country...

Proud to be an Indian
Wishing you all a very Happy Independence Day

Jay Hind