Jan 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Friend...

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow,
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead,
Walk beside me, and just be my friend for ever...

Its been years since we have celebrated our Birthday's together. Today I wish you to know that, our careers and our choices in Life may have increased the physical distance between us but my Heart still misses you guys every single day, as it used to be when we were together. I have always believed in the fact that anything you loose in life might come back to you but not good Friends.

You guys are like missing blocks from the puzzle of my life. No matter how far we stay but I will always feel your need to complete the puzzle.

Anything I do today would be very little for the love and friendship I have received from you, ever since I have known you. Here is a small attempt on behalf of All Friends and my little family, to say that we Love you a lot.


Just to tell you little more about what I have designed for you, its my age old passion; Calligraphy. I was almost out of it. When I saw your Birthday nearing, i went to search for a good set of Calligraphy pen. Luckily I found one here. Took almost around a day to make this. To keep is simple and realistic I have done this on a regular A4 paper and gave it a golden border by an acrylic paint to enhance to total effect. Finally once it was all ready and dried up, I got it laminated in a hard case, to make it easy for shipping and help you preserve it longer.

My wishes which I have sent across to you by this piece of paper, might not reach you on the right time and day. This is the reason I decided to put it on my website. Hope you like it. God bless. Love to Eva & Nisha.