Apr 9, 2012


"When you gaze the sky so often, your horizons broaden, You are after all sending to the clouds that part of your soul, which has its colours intact and has not forgotten to soar..."

This has perhaps been one of my longest passions. Its rather a dream that I have been chasing ever since I was a kid. There are some things in life that never change. Kites. This is one thing which has been the single biggest inspiration of my life and my career. A Kite teaches you to always look up in life, no matter how tough the winds are, but you will emerge as a winner only if you learn to rise against the winds. This song on Kites from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam almost became an anthem for Kite lovers:

लडआले  पेंच फिर से तू होने दे जंग, नज़र सदा हो ऊँची सिखाती हे पतंग, सिखाती हे पतंग...

Well yes, Kite flying is not all the same as it used to be in those childhood years. Earlier Kite flying used to mean fun only if you could manage cutting some one else's dear Kite. However as you grow wiser with your age you realize that achievement is not in cutting some one else's Kite but achievement is rather in making some one else learn How To Fly Higher. And this is what Coastal/Beach Kite Flying is all about.

Most awaited event of the year, International Kite Festival was organized by the efforts of the local Kite club, Team Mangalore. As always it was a 2 day event, 2012 January 21 and 22, attracting lakhs of visitors, Kite lovers, enthusiasts and many Kite Fliers from in and around the world. Now I will rather stop here and let my images speak more than my words. Images will be divided into two segments, Day 1 and Day 2 of the Kite Festival.



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