Dec 18, 2011

2012 Mahamastakabhisheka Venur, Karnataka

महामस्तकाभिषेक वेनुर कर्णाटक २०१२

Mahamastakabhisheka image courtesy google 

Venur is a small town in South Kanara District of Karnataka state situated on the bank of river Gurupur. Venur, though a small town was once a great seat and capital of Jainism in Karnataka. The main attraction of Venur is the Monolithic Statue (Single stone and Joint less structure) of Bhagawan Bahubali also known as Lord Gomateshwara.

This monolithic statue of Lord Bahubali is about 38 feets in height and was erected by the Jain ruler Thimmanna Ajila in the year 1604. Interestingly he was a direct descendant of King Chamundarya, who built one at Shravanbelgola. The statue is supposed to have been sculptured by Amarashilpi Jakanachari. This statue of Lord Bahubali is one of the 4 giant monoliths found in Karnataka (the others being at Shravanabelagola, Karkala and Dharmasthala). Biggest Statue is the one located at Shravanabelagola and the smallest at Venur.

Mahamastakaabhishekha ( महामस्तकाभिषेक ) is the most important festival for these 4 statues of Lord Bahubali and is held once in every 12 years. Thousands of ardent devotees of the Lord gather to see the Lord being bathed and decorated by milk, saffron, flowers and other exotic fragrances.

 Last Mahamastakaabhishekha of Lord Bahubali at Venur was held in year 2000 and next one will be shortly performed in early 2012. This Grand Festival of Jainism will begin at Venur on 28 Jan 2012 at Venur and will go on till 05 Feb 2012.

Below are a few memories from our last trip to Venur and Karkala captured by me...

 Jain temple at the entrance of Venur Bahubali

Another view of Venur Bahubali from the same temple

Statue stands on a hill top with a giant flag post at the entrance to the temple

Lord Bahubali of Venur, a Monolithic statue 38 feets in height with 2 giant bronze lamps on each side

Venur statue was erected by the Jain King Thimmanna Ajila in year 1604, sculpted by Amarshilpi Jakanachari

A closer view of the Lotus feets of Lord Bahubali at Venur 

This snap gives a good idea of how tall the lamps are

Rakshak of Lord Bahubali at the entrance pillar of the Venur temple

Below are a few photographs from Karkala Bahubali Temple. Thought it might be an interesting comparison for you all

Karkala Bahubali stands tall on a hill top. Photograph above shows the last few steps leading to the entrance of the temple

This monolithic statue of Lord Bahubali at Karkala is 42 feet tall and the second largest, little shorter than the Shravanbelgola statue which is about 57 feet tall

A closer view of the Lotus feets of Lord Bahubali at Karkala

These Jain Tirthankar statues stand right behind the Karkala Bahubali statue and were found during archaeological excavation of the site of Karkala 

Interestingly this temple and the site is also protected and maintained by ASI, the famous Archaeological Society of India

Here is a fun pic taken at the site. Conventionally people get themselves clicked while standing on the ground, we just thought otherwise....

Mahamastakabhisheka Video Link:

Will upload the pics of this rare festival after we have attended 2012 Maha mastaka abhisheka at Venur. Hope u enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing. Thanks for visiting. Stay in touch...

जय जिनेन्द्र


  1. Jai Jinendra,
    Thank you very much for the pictures.
    Any plan to live telecast the function.

    Warm Regards,
    London, UK

  2. Jai Jinendra,

    Nice to see these Pictures again,

    We all appreciate any and every one's effort for providing these precious for us.

    Many Thanks
    Suchitra Jain
    Toronto, Canada.

  3. amazing you describe beautifully everything either by photograph or by yours words.....

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