Jul 1, 2012


सावन का महिना, पवन करे शोर,
जिया रा ये झूमे ऐसे, जेसे मन मा नाचे मोर 

Monsoon is finally here in full swing. Thought of sharing some recent photographs which I have taken this season. Someone has said it so right, Photographs speak more than words. Have chosen best of the spots in Mangalore to click these images. If you have not been to this Green World in monsoons, believe that you have missed something. 
Enjoy the rains...

घनन घनन घिर घिर आये भद्रा, घन घन घोर कारे छाए भद्रा,
घनन घनन गूंजे भद्रा के डंके, घनन घनन देखो बिजुरिया चमके,
मन धडकाये भदरवा, मन मन धडकाये भदर्वाआ......

Sunset @ Panambur Beach

 Gurupur River during sunset

View of a small island from Sultan Battery

Boat to heavens... Wonder where do they find all these beautiful colours for their boats..

Steamers anchored @ Sultan Battery

U can like it or Hate it.. But u just cant ignore it... Unique colours indeed...

I wish, I was a Pirate...
Call me Captain.... Capt. Jack Sparrow ;-)

 Sun shining thru d clouds @ Sultan Battery

Who would like to get lost @ such a place... Look at the small wooden bridge on right

I'm sure U might have started lovin these colours by now.. Nature @ its Best

d famous Sunken Ship @ Tannir bave beach..

 Tides slashing the sunken deck..

 Image taken from a 80-210mm Telephoto lens mounted on Canon EOS 550D
For all of you that it sounds like Greek, know that its an advanced DSLR camera with a Telephoto zoom lens, & comes for a cost that our wife will often not appreciate...

Satellite Image of same location: Courtesy Google maps.  Cursor points @ d shipwreck

Yes U r right... Its not where it should ideally be.. But what the heck !!  It still looks lovely...

U must be wondering why all wrecked ships.. Then Mangalore has d good ones as well.. Just that, they don't let  nuts like U and me come close to them.. ;-)

 Sprint any one ??????

Sleeping Buddha @ Lake Pilikula Nisargadhaam

Images from Pilikula Nisargadhaam park.. If you may believe, all these ducks r free to walk anywhere in d park just like one of us visiting it...

Wish... we were at least half as united and disciplined...

Looks like, one close family...

 Feng shui Buddha @ Lake Pilikula Nisargadhaam

 Say cheese....

Nature @ its best

Close up image of Sleeping Buddha.. 80-210mm again.. Remember ???

 A monsoon view from balcony @ our home...

 Water Fountain & Buddhist Goddess Tara in our balcony

And thats me.. No prizes for guessing this of course... Hope U had a good time watchin these images.. And believe me I had a blast clicking them for U... 
Leave ur comments and suggestions in Comments Column below... signing out...



  1. Yes ...indeed a wonderful place..!! I would definitely like to settle in mangalore some day...and a memorable trip for at least a lifetime, if not more. And bhai, this was, of course, a better way of sharing the memories than obsolete fb...

  2. Dear Abhideep
    Im flattered. And want you too to know that having you guys here was an absolute pleasure. In fact we have not been able to adjust to our routine life ever since u guys have gone. I wish all of us were staying together as one big happy family... Miss u all

  3. Indeed it is nature at its best and what better than Monsoon to explore it!!The pictures have beautifully captured the essence of Mangalore :) Indeed , a beautiful place :) Good work Gaurav!



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